Sergei Dolbilov «Museum visitors can experience the atmosphere of Klitschko brothers significant bouts».

A famous Ukrainian producer Sergei Dolbilov was responsible for the bright ultramodern multimedia show footage, which will be overseen by all visitors of the museum-exhibition of Klitschko brothers’ achievements.

- Recently I thought about a whole Ukrainian generation that can not imagine any other champions except Klitschko brothers in super heavyweight. These young people know for sure that Ukrainians are the best boxers in the world! For them, it is normal, evident thing, it is a reality they live in. Vitali and Wladimir always become the winners, who taught us to be proud of our country, and to be sure that any other situation is impossible.

But 20 years ago nobody in our country could even dream about it. Even in their boldest dreams.

- What surprise is prepared for visitors of museum in the multimedia show?

- This is the case when seeing is believing. In this exhibition, we will try to relive the most dramatic and significant moments of Klitschko brothers’ boxing career. With the help of footage we will experience the atmosphere of Vitali and Wladimir significant bouts.

Unique museum exhibition dedicated to Klitschko brothers’ achievements will be opened on June.



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