First museum visitors share their impressions

Dear friends, this week the museum-exhibition of Klitschko brothers’ achievements threw open its doors to the first visitors.

There were a lot of school groups among them, which is not surprising, given the social mission of the museum.

Several visitors have shared with us their impressions after the excursion.

Andrew, Kiev: "Vitali’s fight against Lennox Lewis is one of my favorite one. During the multimedia show I felt if I were in a time machine, which unwind 10 years and let me again experience the unforgettable emotions."

Sergei, Poltava: "I am a longtime fan of Klitschko brothers. When I learned about the opening of the museum, decided to come with my son, who is also engaged in boxing. The baby is astonished as well as I am."

Yana, Kiev: "Awesome. Just incredible energetics. It’s cool that there is such a museum. Be sure to come again with friends."



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