Wladimir Klitschko held excursion for kids personaly

Quet a surprise was expecting kids, whom came to visit museum just for ordinary excursion. Multimedia show finished, screens started to come up and the hero himself stood befor them - Wladimir Klitschko.
  To say that everybody was shocked and amused is to say nothing. Silince at start, quickly grew into endless smiles and lots of applouses. Wladimir was given lots and lots of questions, first one was from ten years old gril "Dont You feel pain when got hitted", - Wladimir dodged it with "Well, id turn that question abit: How painfull is it for my opponents? Honestly, dont wanna be at their place"
 Wlad held an excursion, was telling interesting stories about exponates - bare in mind each and every one of them got its own story. Gave lots, lots of autographes and was taking pictures with everyone!
 Interactive was over the Top!



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