“Dr.Steelhammer, House call”

In this wary days, when you can easy get drown in success, when your tongue got more achievements than you did, when your nose is nearly touching, them, clouds and you ending up loosing all possible touch of sence what is so ever… exactly in days like those the Dr. Steelhammer is coming to the rescue, he is there, sincerely yours, helping you out: will make sure you are where you should be and will cure away all those hallucinations along with self esteem issues – you will finally find out what you worth!

 In before the upcoming event of the Wladimir Klitschko against Tyson Fury bout, the official fan-clab of the Klitschko brothers and the CHapaev Street are proud to present the new collection line of T-shirts and Reglans : “Dr.Steelhammer, House call”.



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