Results of the year

This year is running to it`s end and it`s time to sum it up:

 During this year (December 2014 – December 2015):

 We had 25 874 visitors, among them there were 15 644 children from 139 schools of Kiev and more than 80 schools from all over the Ukraine (Chernigov, Zhitomir, Poltava, Berdichev, Cherkasy, etc.) And more than 12 colleges (KPI, MAU. NAU, KNLU, KROK, etc. );

 We`v hosted more than 14 different conferences and meetings which consisted out of guest from variety countries ( Deutschland, China, Israel, etc.)

 Numbers, numbers – they are of  much but the main point is, that this year was very successful  and productive. We – as a museum, settled ourselves in Kiev and the further it goes, the more and  more people find out about is!

 Great Thanks to all of  You guys, for  visiting us and for being with us and we all in a temptation  with all those interesting and awesome things that the next year will bring to us and hell yes it will have a lot of  them!;)



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