School of Success

The Klitschko Foundation runs a program “School of success” for couple years now and this year our museum became the part of it!

 Said program is designed  to give a head start for new generations, kids from all around of Ukraine get to meet with people who achieved a lot in their life and are willing to share their way to success, visiting variety of organizations, factories, corporations and having tours and lections at each and every of them, learning how all of them functionate and how all of them been designed.
Kids had an opportunity to find out the story of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, their curve to get on that Olimp, which they are at by this day. To learn that hard work always pays off, that dedication, planning and patience is a key to success at anything in your life: aim a target and go for it, go for it regardless of odds and regardless of obstacles that you’ll meet on your way, that mistakes is not a problem – not learning from your mistakes is!

 And our video show is a perfect definition of “amazing storytelling”, kids had a blast and we were pleased to help them!

 The Klitschko Foundation and the Klitschkoexpo.


"If you control your mind - you control everything!" W.K.



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