Kickboxers from Volin

On their way to the kickboxing championship in Charkov, Volin`s kickboxing team visited us.
They found out about us all of a sudden and decide to pay us a visit to get some additional motivation!
 Eleven kickboxers in different weight classes, of a different age and gender – all were excited of what they saw in the museum,  because Vitali Klitschko is an a pure example of a perfect kickboxing career: he achieved everything that is possible in kickboxing and then he moved to the heavyweight boxing  were he managed a lot as well ;)
 Video show that tells a whole story of brothers, is a huge helper in what you would call *dive into world of high end professional boxing*! The world that each and every sportsmen aspire: aspire to be on the Olimp, to be among the greatest! And we, from our side, decided to help them kickboxers: agreed that each medalist will be awarded with our museum’s T-shirt!
 Week has passed, championship is over and we have our results: nine gold medals and two silver medals! Hoping that we did our part in their success and keeping our word – all got their T-shirts, huge thanks to sportsmen for giving us a pleasure of presenting them with presents.



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