team Klitschko

 So it happened – the very first workshop of the Klitschko Management Groupe at the Klitschkoexpo. We hosted the meeting of the whole Klitschko team, that consists of the KMG, The Klitschko foundation, the 11 mirrors hotel, the Official Fan-club of the Klitschko brothers and The Klitschkoexpo!

The big family had a pleasantful conversation and worked out a new model of cooperation: from now on, the whole team will work together as one unit, there will be the new Klitschko website that will connect everyone in one! More so, from now on all us are now in a close touch and all moves that does KMG – will get instantly reflected at the Klitschko foundation, 11 mirrors hotel and the Klitschkoexpo!

So keep in touch, big new things are to come and the Klitschko label is about to get a new breath!



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