Oleksandr Khyzhniak

 Our Klitschkoexpo hall held a press-conference of a young World Boxing Champion Oleksandr Khyzhniak and right after conference, Oleksandr and people from Boxing Federation of Ukraine went in to visit our museum.

 Oleksandr is a young, perspective and immensely talented ukrainian boxer, despite of his age he already managed to became the World Champion and had set up the new Ukraine record for earning the most boxing trophies thru year.

 For Oleksandr, the Klitschko brothers are not just some famous and well known people in the world of boxing, but their names are carved at the very first major boxing trophy of Oleksandr – the Klitschko brothers trophy, that he won at the championship at Berdichiv in 2013! That’s why, for him – our museum isn`t just a simple exhibit, and for our museum Oleksandr isn`t just a boxer, but the next generation of Klitschko brothers followers!



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