2017 year

2017 is done, so now it`s time to sum it up:
 During said year we were visited by:
19 916 visitors, there were 12 812 teenagers among them from 87 schools and 38 Universities from more then 17 cities!
 The most busy month for us was the June, we had 2 460 visitors from eight cities.
 The most visitors, as we expected, came to us from Kiev, but nowhere the less, such cities as Chernigov, Zhitomir, Berdychiv, Irpen and Boryspil know about us, more so, they know rather a lot about us!
 During 2017 we were visiting by a lot of famous characters -  popular showmen, singers, sportsmen and even politics, among them:
 Juriy Gorbunov, Kshishtov Glovacki, Kateryna Serebryanska, Alexandr Hyzhnyak, Olena Shaternicova, Dmytro Lazutkin, Arnold Hegay, Alexandr Shovkovskiy, Ukraine National Wrestling team, Ukraine National Karate team, Dariya Astafyeva, the whole Wladimir Klitschko team ( Team Klitschko), ambassador of Nipon in Ukraine, Igor Belanov, Alexey Mikhaylichenko, Alexandr Rebrov, Andrey Shevchenko and much, much more.
 As you can see this year was rather busy for us, but it`s too early to tell, because we should wait for 2018, there are a lot of evidence, that it`s going to be even busier!



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