Media meeting with Stanislav Goruna

The Klitschko Museum hosted a media meeting with the best karateka in the history of Ukraine. The captain of the national team of Ukraine, Stanislav Goruna summed up the results of 2020 and told how he will prepare for the Games in Tokyo, where karate will make its debut in the Olympic program.

Stanislav's achievements: winner of the World Games - 2017, winner of the European Games - 2019, Bronze medalist of the European Championship - 2018 in the individual and team categories. Silver medalist of the European Championship - 2017 individual category and bronze medalist in team kumite. Bronze medalist of the 2014 World Cup Silver medalist of the European Championship -2014. Three-time winner of the K1 Premier League tournament series (2013, 2014 2017), 6-time champion of Ukraine. Captain of the national team of Ukraine in karate.



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