Wladimir Klitschko

 Wladdimir Klitschko made a surprise for the museum visitors again!
 Just an ordinary museum day, visitors came to visit us as planned, everything is just as it should, ordinary be. And there are no words to express their amuse, when one of our museum`s hero came out to them - Wladimir Klitschko!
​ A lot of questions, a lot of answers, potosession with visitors, signatures, signatures and even more signatures. As, it is safe to say, traditionally hosted excursion with personal comments to each and every item in collection, because they all have their own story to tell.
 Greeted the Kiev "Dynamo" with their success at the Cup of Ukraine, left his own and very special signature "Failure is not an option W.K." and made a promise to make those surprise-visits more often.




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