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  • Alexandra

    Thanks to visiting the museum, I got the motivation to act in films (on the main role) and sing :) :) :)

  • Michael Clarke

    Splendid exhibition, anybody who is into boxing just have to visit it. Got an english-speaking guide as well honestly i was shocked of how amazing this museum is. Thank you guys, Wlad - get em belts back, many many victories are yet to come ;)

  • Tommy

    Dam, and amazing museum! Well done Klitschkos, Wlad - go and get em belts back(i wanted to see WBA -.- but it`s gone).

  • Peter Dager

    Considering they got an english version of it - wonderful place! Go Klitschko and thx for the pillow :D

  • Michael

    Wonderful place. So tiny and at same time informative - really well done! Klitschkos are really a nice role model for future generations! Wladimir - keep it up, you are the best champion ever!

  • Albert

    Quet nice place, good job brothers! Glad that visited it: sweet video and hey - i`v seen some video in my life, but this one is truly something.

  • George Bronson

    Impressed by said exhibition! Top-notch made, respect to brothers. Keep it up Wlad, WBC to go ;) P.S. Had no idea Vitali did kickboxing back in a day.......

  • Henrjk

    Fantastic brothers, nice to seee this placee, love kiev - great city. Happy birthday to Vitali from Henrjk Ginnerup and Frederik Pepersen. Denmark

  • James

    Everybody whom is about visiting Kiev - this museum is just a Must! - regardless are you into boxing or not, its just Must see, because this is a masterpisece!

  • Larry Adams

    Merry greetings from England here! Was surprised of seing that one and only ring from Haye fight, he still is superior to Wlad but gotta give him his - he did good, he did good. Anyhow amazing place for boxing fan, and just fancy place in general. Good luck with gethering more exponates, cheers!!!


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