January - results!

January is about to end and it is time to summ up them results:
 First - Big thanks to Siver Tour tourfirm ( esspecialy to Nina Nikolaevna and Wladimir) whom was bringing groupes from Chernigov and Chernigov's region whole month. Thanks to it - more then eight hundred kids visited exhibition and saw it on they own eyes that anything is posible, any idea or dream can be accomplished - all u need is to put some effort to it!
 Second - managed to complite Junior Sports Awards ceremony. Seccret Service Entertainment Agency organized and held ceremony of celebratin olympic-juniors, did great at tournament in Nanjing.
 Third - Klitschko Foundation cheered kids with presents for New Year's celebrations.
  And on top to all which is listed -  museum managed to get brend new exponates for exhibition ;)



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